Nutribullet Prime Review

nutribullet prime

You probably have heard of a blender or a juicer. But have you heard of an extractor? This is what the Nutribullet Prime is. It does both the functions of a blender and a juicer.

The maker of Nutribullet Prime explains that the machine is capable of retaining water and nutrients from the food like a juicer and breaking down fiber like a blender.

Design and features

The makers of the Nutribullet have made this extractor to be slim and small so it does not occupy much of your kitchen space. The blender weighs in at only 1.8kgs. It is very easy to move around.

It comes in the shape of a bullet. The base unit has a brushed metal finish that is graphite colored. The cups, lids, and handles are plastic.

There are three extractors of different sizes. There is a cover you can add and you will be able to carry the smoothie in the cup and drink it when you have the time. There is also a thermos that users can use to store juice. It will keep it cool for up to 8 hours so if you have a long day you can make your juice in the morning and enjoy drinking it all day long.

In the box, there is also a useful recipe book. It contains details on how to use the appliance and some great recipes you can try.

How to use

The Nuttribullet is one of the easiest extractors to use. There are no buttons to switch it on or change the settings. To grind the ingredients, all one has to do is cover the cup or jug you are using to blend with the milling or extractor blades then push the cup down into the base. Twist this into place, and the motor will start.

The motor operates loudly but the job it will have done by the end of the cycle is worth the noise. The Nutribullet’s cyclone motion, draws the ingredients towards the blades at the bottom. The resulting juice after extraction has a great texture with a bit of pulp whereas grinding gives a fine powder.

Once the juicing finished (1 minute), the extractor will stop automatically. If you would like to stop it before then, just untwist the cup and it will shut down.

What about cleaning? This is a very important consideration for many. The Nutribullet Prime is very easy to clean. The blades need to be cleaned by hand (try rinsing them immediately after use for easy cleaning). When doing this be very careful since the blades are very sharp and can cut your washing sponge and even your fingers.

As for the cups and lids with no blades, they are dishwasher friendly and hence cleaning will not be an issue.

Should you buy this? Other than the noise and the blades not being dishwasher friendly, many people love this extractor and so will you. The smoothies you will make with this will be palatable and will only take a short while to prepare.